What is Ready Mix Concrete and How Does It Work?

Advances in technology has brought innovation to traditional labor. Economical, efficient, and accurate, ready mix concrete brings a revolutionary system which completes any project, satisfaction guaranteed. Ready mix concrete will meet RMCA standards and your personal expectations every time. Big…

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The Benefits of Using Concrete Redimix

Endless array of building materials to choose from, what makes concrete Redimix a number one choice? A combination of water, cement and aggregates are mixed then poured to create structural landscapes. Industrial, commercial, and residential construction projects have used the…

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SMR weighs in on advances in concrete technology

Stouffville Mobile Redimix weighs in on advances in concrete technology, Steve Crompton, national technical director, CEMEX UK Materials brings light to the many different avenues the concrete industry is being propelled to. https://www.agg-net.com/resources/articles/concrete/advances-in-concrete-technology. Pat from Stouffville Mobile Redimix expresses “with…

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Landscaping made easy with Redimix

Landscaping is a beloved pastime and gardening has always been a fulfilling hobby which presents therapeutic properties and let’s not forget, great for all ages. Encouraging the youth to stay screen free for a few hours with outdoor activities such…

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