Stouffville Mobile Redimix weighs in on pool companies managing the high demands and taking orders for next summer as the pandemic continues. (Source: Ontario pool companies now taking orders for next summer as pandemic drags on, Pat Foran CTV News consumer alert video journalist, June 2, 2021,

Pat Foran from CTV News brings our attention to the surge of pool sales this year as a result of the many families staying close to home during the pandemic. With travel restrictions being what they are at this time, it is easy to understand why many homeowners have included various vacation amenities to complement their landscape. Pat from Stouffville Mobile Redimix agrees, “now more than ever; homeowners have directed their focus on renovations for both interior and exterior landscape designs. Staycation has become a trendy term. We at Stouffville Mobile Redimix have contributed to this new way of experiencing vacation-like amenities. Whether it was to create a durable shell/pool infill or create a pool entirely made from poured concrete, it was definitely our top concrete pouring project.”

Pat Foran from CTV News highlights a Stouffville company known as Betz Pools. Betz Pools expressed that pool sales traditionally slow down during the colder seasons. However, that is not the case for 2021. Pool sales have dramatically increased and continue to do so. At times it is not always easy to manage as there is a high demand for this water feature. Pat from Stouffville Mobile Redimix shares, “we understand and recognize the high demand for pool installation. Just as pool installation companies are booked for future contracts, we at SMR are also experiencing an influx of inquisitions for next year. Our concrete shell/pool infill contracts are filling up quickly!”

Frank Blanchet, the owner of Betz Pools, expresses the need for patience. The pool and landscaping businesses are booming; however, customers are becoming frustrated as materials are in short supply. Pat from Stouffville Mobile Redimix expresses, “everyone is feeling the pressure to deliver and fulfill the needs of their respected clientele. We all need a bit of support and encouragement.  Everyone is doing their part, to the best of their abilities, to accommodate the many homeowners waiting to experience their backyard oasis.”

Over the past year and a half, spending habits have significantly diminished. The absence of travel, lack of attendance at entertainment establishments, and lack of social activities allowed homeowners to save money and channel their energy toward renovations. Pat Foran from CTV News mentions those in the pool industry feel that sales will continue strongly for several years. Pat from Stouffville Mobile Redimix shares, “many contracts are being scheduled for the following year. If this pace continues, we do not doubt that the next few years will be just as busy.

Along with pool installation, various hardscaping elements have also been in high demand. At Stouffville Mobile Redimix, we have experienced increased sales regarding hardscape features, including concrete poured patios, outdoor living spaces, hot tubs, and fire pit pads. Which all ties into the home improvement theme.”

Many homeowners are patiently waiting to enjoy their landscape and pool. Pat Foran from CTV News mentions using inflatable pools in the meantime. Pat from Stouffville Mobile Redimix shares, “inflatable pools may be a good idea to keep the young ones busy. However, by placing your order ahead of schedule, you may avoid having to resort to flimsy solutions next year. For those who have not yet made plans for their 2022 landscape, now is the time to do so. Fall is the perfect time to schedule your concrete pouring needs.”