The SMR Process: How is mobile concrete delivered

We collectively strive for convenience, a leisurely lifestyle, to embrace, even for a moment. With the understanding that life may bring about daily frustrations, we always find ways to make things just a little bit easier. In other words, there is plenty for us to do between work and home. Life may demand much more than we intend. As a result, we continuously look for convenient options for our day to day routines. Luckily for us “busy folks,” many companies offer online and delivery services. Without having to leave the house, we are able to have food/ groceries, home good items, and much more delivered to our front door. Stouffville Mobile Redimix took hold of this customer service experience and provides the same delivery benefit right to you.

Stouffville Mobile Redimix mastered the art of concrete delivery. The process is simple and caters to the cities and towns of York Region. The service provides the option to obtain a quote, order, and receive concrete pouring within a timely manner. The concrete project is conveniently completed on the same day. Therefore, leaving more time to focus on our other daily tasks.

The concrete is mixed on location within the truck. Therefore, offering a variety of options for every concrete need on-the-go. Furthermore, the technology used on mobile concrete trucks allows for easy changes. Everything is completed onsite.

York Region consists of many cities and towns. With the rise of infrastructure and expansion of the population, the demand increases each day. Stouffville Mobile Redimix is well staffed with highly trained concrete pouring professionals. They are the masterminds that power the fleet of onsite concrete trucks. Therefore, well equipped to keep up with the demand of an evolving region.

There is a process when ordering SMR’s mobile concrete service. Once an order is received, a truck will be on its way to you. This truck will be designated for your development, consisting of your project requirements. As the aggregates and concrete pouring materials are already within the truck, the concrete operator will mix the perfect concrete solution for your project. Suppose adjustments need to be made or change you would like to make. In that case, the concrete operator can correct the mixture to cater to your changes on the spot. With onsite concrete pouring, a project becomes stress-free. The needs of the project will be met due to SMR’s trucks’ technology.