How to maintain your driveway and sidewalks this winter in North York

The fall season is reaching its final days, and winter is approaching full speed ahead! At Stouffville Mobile Redimix, we have compiled a list of essential tips to maintain your driveway and sidewalks this winter in North York.

Our first tip is to address any existing damage. Before winter weather settles in, late fall is a great time to either replace or repair damaged concrete. Superficial or aesthetic issues such as crazing, discoloration, or minor abrasions, can be easily repaired. Cracks or fractures that measure half an inch to an inch wide require a replacement. Concrete can experience freeze-thaw cycles, which is why it is essential to determine and assess any inconsistency. The main goal is to prevent any moisture from seeping through and causing further damage. At Stouffville Mobile Redimix, we recommend staying ahead of winter’s schedule and addressing any existing damage to your driveway or walkway in North York.

Our second tip is to use a concrete sealer. A concrete sealer is a protective coating that will help prevent water/moisture and de-icing salt from penetrating the concrete pores. Concrete is quite durable. However, once moisture is absorbed, it will expand and contract due to fluctuating temperatures and cause your concrete to crack. You will be able to determine when your concrete is due for its next sealer application when it no longer repels water or solvents. There are many sealers on the market. However, when it comes to protecting the deep pores of redimix concrete, a penetrating sealer will get the job done. Ensuring your redimix concrete driveway and sidewalk maintain integrity throughout the winter in North York.

Our third tip is to maintain consistency with snow and ice removal. The winter weather is harsh here in North York. Cold temperatures discourage us from going outdoors to handle winter’s elements. However, to maintain your redimix concrete driveway or sidewalk, it is best to remove snow and ice immediately. It is essential to prevent snow or ice from piling up. Allowing snow to pile can lead to thermal shock resulting in internal cracking and excessive moisture once it melts. Another helpful tip is to remove bulky seasonal décor if you have not already. Moving seasonal décor into a safe storage space can help clear the way for easy snow removal and prevent high winds or harsh winter storms from knocking décor and damaging the redimix concrete surface.

Our last tip on how to maintain your driveway and sidewalk this winter in North York is to use sand! Sand has been used as an effective method to combat snow and ice. It will not melt the snow; however, the sand will help create traction and prevent new ice from forming. Sand is easy to apply. It can be used on any surface at any temperature. Why not use salt or de-icing solutions? Most de-icing products on the market are not suitable for concrete surfaces as the ingredients can be pretty unforgiving. Suppose you are still unsure which de-icing solution is best for your redimix concrete driveway and sidewalk in North York. Always speak to our concrete pouring professionals here at Stouffville Mobile Redimix.