Stouffville Mobile Redimix is the solution.  Providing professional concrete mixtures for any structure in virtually any space.  No Waste, No Mess, Pay Only for What You Use, with a professional concrete advisor who delivers it to your doorstep.  We are your concrete solution.  Serving the greater GTA.

Tired of paying for more than you use?

Our vehicles are equipped with precise measuring equipment to deliver the exact amount of concrete to the cubic meter.  Never pay for more than what you need.

Did you know that not all concrete is the same?

Different industrial standard mixtures are required to ensure the integrity and overall strength of the concrete being used, especially when it’s a supporting structure, utility, or used as back fill.

Don’t know which mixture to use?

No worry.  We have you covered.  The perfect mix for the use, our professionals will ensure your concrete is formulated for the perfect environment.  Using our state-of-the-art computerized on-board equipment to mix on location delivering the exact mixture every time.

Our professionals can even mix and pour concrete in the middle of our harsh Canadian winters (depending on weather conditions) to resolve immediate needs such as cracked foundations.  Fast friendly service at your fingertips.  Let us be your one stop provider of all your concrete needs.

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