As we put 2021 behind us, we begin to look forward to upcoming backyard trends. Today’s article will highlight the top three trends: an outdoor living space, multiple zones, and outdoor dining.

Outdoor living space

The first trend on our list is creating an outdoor space to enjoy with family and friends. If there is any lesson we have learned from the past couple of years is that family, relationships, and friendships are incredibly important. With mobile redimix, you are able to create a space that is perfect for hosting get-togethers. Redimix concrete can be poured to create a patio, lounge area, or outdoor living space, which can be enjoyed all year round. The possibilities are endless with redimix concrete.

Multiple zones

The second trend expected in 2022 is creating distinct areas dedicated to various activities. Many homeowners do not take advantage of their property. Some may need inspiration or ideas on which elements to add to their landscape. At Stouffville Mobile Redimix, we believe if you have the space, use it! Dividing your backyard landscape into multiple zones will allow you to get the most value out of your landscape and enjoy various outdoor activities comfortably. Some ideas may include a dining area, patio, pool, or hot tub space. Get creative, choose the activities that best suit your lifestyle or household, and map out which activity additions will fit within your landscape. For example, fitness or sports enthusiasts may want to include an area dedicated to exercise and wellness. Homeowners who host get-togethers may wish to incorporate a lounge space to enjoy with company. Redimix concrete can be poured to complement your creativity and space. Those with children who are young and growing may want an area dedicated to fun and play. The opportunities are endless.

Cooking and dining outdoors

Cooking and dining al fresco is definitely a trend that will carry into 2022. With an outdoor setting, fresh air, additional space, and socializing, there are many reasons why you should incorporate this trend. Culinary enthusiasts will appreciate an outdoor space to create and serve amazing dishes. We have come a long way from the simple barbeque and pic-nick table setting. Many homeowners are incorporating many elements that you would typically find indoors or in a restaurant setting. In order to support these culinary additions, you need a solid foundation. Redimix concrete can be poured to support an outdoor kitchen, bar, preparation station, grilling or outdoor oven area, and dining space. When it comes to serving beverages and food, a spill or two is inevitable. Concrete surfaces are easy to manage and maintain, making clean-up a breeze. Redimix concrete is resilient and can withstand foot traffic, weight, and heat! Due to its durability, redimix concrete is less prone to reconstruction or costly repairs. Redimix concrete is perfectly batched to match its environment and structure, therefore, ensuring a lasting lifecycle.

Are you looking to elevate your landscape or thinking about incorporating a few trends that will last for many seasons? Contact Stouffville Mobile Redimix today for all your concrete pouring needs.