The fall season provides us Canadians a few extra months of comfortable weather, which allows us to enjoy the outdoors a bit longer with family and friends before winter settles in. At Stouffville Mobile Redimix, we believe fall is the perfect time to install a concrete addition. Whether it’s an outdoor living space, pool, hot tub pad, or fire pit pad with accompanying lounge area, fall offers warm sunny days accompanied by a cool breeze which is ideal for concrete pouring.

Outdoor living space to host fall activities

Outdoor living spaces have been a popular landscaping trend for the past few years. As each season brings various climate changes and elements, homeowners want a space to enjoy the outdoor comfortably all year round. If you have not created an outdoor living space, now is the perfect time to do so. Implementing a redimix concrete outdoor living space in the fall is ideal for hosting game day, thanksgiving, and many other fall festivities.

Pool ready before next summer

Thinking about installing a pool, but worried you are too late into the season? Although there is a cool breeze in the air, the ground is still warm enough to work with. There are two predominant ways concrete is used in pool construction. Redimix concrete can be poured to create a durable shell/pool infill, or some may choose to create a pool entirely made from poured concrete. Choosing to install a pool late into the season gives you a head start on the next following year. Contractors and redimix pouring professionals are much more available as the summer season comes to an end. Although the trees are changing colours, fall continues to offer warm days, providing ample time to enjoy a fresh dip in the pool.  At Stouffville Mobile Redimix, we have extensive experience working with concrete material and seamlessly contributing to the installation process. Our team of concrete pouring professionals operate our highest-performing utility trucks with the latest onboard computerized systems. The designated project requirements are put into the system, resulting in the perfect concrete mixture every time.

Cool breeze and a warm plunge

Hot tubs are perfect for a smaller landscape and can be used all year round. This water feature is ideal for relaxation, stress relief, muscle relaxation, pain relief and can even help sleep patterns. Before bringing home a hot tub, it is best to decide on its placement. Hot tubs hold an exuberant amount of water and must endure the weight of each person. The foundation must be resilient and reliable. A redimix concrete hot tub pad will provide solid structural support and can withstand treated water.

Cozy up by the fire

Want something a bit more low-key? Why not consider a concrete fire pit pad and concrete lounge area! Both additions are suitable for any size landscape. A concrete fire pit pad and concrete lounge area can be custom poured to safely accommodate the fire feature and lounge furniture comfortably without interfering with other landscaping elements. You and your family will be able to enjoy chilly fall nights and create lasting memories in the comfort of your backyard.

Outdoor living space, pool, hot tub, or fire pit pad, whichever you choose, now is the time to celebrate fall and implement these concrete additions.  Contact Stouffville Mobile Redimix today for more information!