Is it time to renovate your cottage property? A privately owned family cottage or an investment property should be maintained just as well as your own home. Concrete additions such as pathways, walkways, steps, pool/pool deck, hot tub, or fire pit pad will instantly create the perfect vacation spot for personal use or travelling guests. Whether you add a few amenities or upgrade the grounds, mobile redimix concrete pouring is the solution.

Upgrade the grounds

Typically, when searching for a holiday or staycation rental, the first image a guest encounters is the exterior landscape. It is a well-known fact that a first impression is always a lasting impression! You want potential guests to be enamoured, curious, and enticed to inquire more information. Before deciding on which concrete addition to incorporate, it’s best to take a good look at the property. Make a note of any minor or significant hardscaping issues that look unsafe and may appear as an eyesore. For example, is the entrance welcoming, or are the steps chipping and falling apart? Is the walkway/ pathway leveled, or have the pavers shifted and cracked? If the property looks unkept, you will not have any visitors inquiring about availability. Mobile redimix concrete pouring is the perfect solution for installing or replacing concrete steps, concrete pathways/walkways, and entryways. The concrete batch is mixed onsite, resulting in the perfect amount for any small or large hardscape project.

Incorporate amenities

When owning an investment property in which you rent out to travellers, it is beneficial to consider adding some additional amenities. Adding a concrete pool or hot tub will enhance the overall experience for your guests. Although some cottages may be within walking distance to a lake, some visitors (especially those with young swimmers or elderly members) may feel more at ease with a pool on the property. Redimix mobile concrete can be poured to create a durable shell/pool infill, or some may choose to create a pool entirely made from poured concrete. Suppose the property size can not accommodate a concrete pool; however, you would like to incorporate an additional water feature; a hot tub is perfect and can be used all year round with minimal maintenance requirements. A hot tub needs to rest on a safe, sturdy, and reliable foundation. A concrete pad is the best solution to withstand the weight of this water feature and its occupants.

Enhance the overall experience

When vacationing at a cottage, part of the experience is to enjoy the outdoor space and fresh air!  Spring, summer, and fall offer exceptional weather to enjoy dining outdoors. Once winter settles in, dining may be reserved for the indoors; however, grilling outdoors is still a big part of the experience. Providing a clean and leveled space for outdoor dining and grilling is essential. Concrete is resilient and easy to maintain. Therefore, a concrete patio or concrete grilling area is perfect for withstanding heavy foot traffic, food or beverage spills, and various weather elements.

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