There are a few main reasons why you should choose redimix concrete for your residential project needs. Today we highlight the top qualities of mobile redimix concrete. Paying particular attention to its easy ordering process, cost-effective qualities, its versatility, and durability. We at Stouffville Mobile Redimix believe mobile redimix concrete is the optimal choice to elevate your residential landscape.


Redimix concrete is easy to order. At Stouffville Mobile Redimix, we wanted our customers to have a great experience when obtaining a quote or placing an order. When you visit the order page on our website, there is no need to sign in or sign up; you will find a user-friendly price calculator. All you will need is the details of your project, for example, project type, measurement, and the concrete mix. Suppose you are unfamiliar with the various concrete mixtures. In that case, the tab will allow you to select a concrete mix and view the common usage. Once you have filled in the requirements, hit the calculate button to obtain your quote. The estimate will allow you to see the approximate cost of your project anytime, anywhere. Orders can also be made online. The ordering system will guide you to fill in all the information regarding your project. Last, hit the send button, and a Stouffville Mobile Redimix representative will contact you. If you prefer to speak to a concrete professional, the Stouffville Mobile Redimix staff will gladly assist you.


Redimix concrete is economical. We at Stouffville Mobile Redimix have the highest performing utility trucks which have the latest onboard computerized system. Project requirements are put into the system. The perfect combination of water, cement, and aggregates is mixed in our mobile concrete supply vehicles on location. Traditional concrete mixing is manufactured at a facility and transported to the project site. This conventional procedure can potentially run the risk of overproduction of material, therefore costing more than expected. The traditional approach can also run the risk of creating a flawed batch. Thus, wasting time and money to produce a new batch. Computerized onsite concrete mixing will ensure the batch is accurate every time. With redimix concrete, there is zero waste. You only pay for the material used to complete your project. Therefore, making mobile redimix concrete exceptionally cost-effective.


Redimix concrete is versatile and durable. Redimix concrete is custom batched onsite with quality control and precision. Therefore, it can be made to meet specific structure requirements and poured to compliment any landscape design. Concrete is naturally resistant to most environmental factors such as heat, humidity and can resist water, especially when treated with a concrete sealer. Its resilient nature makes it the perfect choice for constructing various structures such as walkways, pathways, pool infills/concrete pools, hot tub or fire pit pads, terraces, patios, outdoor living spaces, garage flooring, and so much more.


Each project and project space is unique and requires an exceptional building material that complements the structure and landscape in various ways. Contact Stouffville Mobile Redimix today for all your residential concrete pouring needs.