The “no grass” trend has been a popular topic amongst homeowners, landscapers, and concrete pouring professionals. Many households are choosing this trend for various reasons. Our article titled “Follow the “no grass” trend with redimix concrete in North York” focuses on backyard spaces. However, this particular trend can be applied to the front yard as well. The front yard is the face of your home. Whether you are planning on selling or residing in your home for many years to come, a concrete landscape will offer a polished look that will save you money in the future.

Benefits of implementing the “no grass” trend in the front yard

Life gets busy, between work, home life, and everything in between, some homeowners simply do not have the time to maintain their front yard. Maintaining an entire landscape takes patience and dedication. Therefore, some may have hired help, such as a professional landscaper, to take care of the regular landscaping duties and implement some of the larger tasks. However, hiring help can get pricy! Especially if your yard requires regular upkeep.

There is not one person who looks forward to their monthly water bill, especially during the warm months. Lush lawns, garden beds, and other plant life take up quite a bit of water to grow and survive the spring and summer. Unfortunately, our water bills are greatly affected. With the “no grass” trend, you will be able to save a significant amount of money on your monthly water bill.

Elderly homeowners and those with special needs may not be physically or financially able to maintain an entire landscape. Safety may also be a concern. A rough and bumpy, typical green landscape may make it challenging to navigate safely. Therefore, a redimix concrete poured landscape with the addition of a concrete pathway will make for an even surface.

Lastly, choosing to have a predominately concrete front lawn will allow you to extend your driveway. Those with a busy household will appreciate more space to park their vehicles. It is no secret that a concrete poured landscape offers a spacious, modern, and polished aesthetic. However, suppose you would still like to incorporate décor, colour, and plant life. In that case, you are able to do so with mobile redimix concrete.

Decorating your front yard

A poured concrete front yard does not have to be plain and simple. You can dress it up however you choose. You may still incorporate colourful plant life by adding redimix concrete retaining walls or concrete planters. The benefit of having retaining walls or concrete planters is that the plant life will be elevated a fair amount off the ground level. Therefore, making gardening and maintenance much more manageable. You may also choose to create a courtyard. Courtyards provide an additional outdoor space to enjoy. You may choose to equip your concrete courtyard with an outdoor bistro set and other outdoor décor pieces. Incorporating a courtyard is an elegant feature to implement in the front yard.

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