Concrete solutions have never been made so easy, with one phone call, Stouffville Redimix Concrete will arrive at your doorstep and leave with the job done. Before you order Redimix concrete pouring there are few things you should consider and have prepared, this will make organizing the logistics of the project easier. The three key points you should have prepared would be the purpose of your project (driveway, pool, patio, garage flooring, architectural landscaping etc.) Second, an idea of the design you would like to see for your home (pictures, hand drawn blueprint/sketch drawing). Lastly, a few metrics to give us a rough idea of the size of project. Then leave the rest to the professionals.

If you are using the online method SMRs website can guide you with a short, fill in the blank page which allows a representative to quickly assess the project and contact you with an order confirmation. An easy to use pricing calculator can also be filled in for a quick quote, giving you a rough idea of the cost.

The Purpose

Determine the purpose of your project, concrete can be used towards different architectural, aesthetic, and functional aspects. The next step would be the addition of your creativity. Once you have an idea of where you would like to incorporate concrete, application of your creativity can begin. If you are unsure if concrete should be used for a specific need, SMR is available to assist and make professional recommendations.

The Design

Knowing the design feature or the design element you would like to showcase brings you one step closer to having a finalized project. Inspiration or ideas can come from anywhere and anything, this design should suit you and the size of your home. If you have an existing landscaped yard, highlighting certain parts or pieces of your property is also possible with onsite concrete pouring. Sketch out an idea or research pictures online and SMR will not only be able to recreate it but make professional adjustments if needed to suit your property. This applies to both residential and commercial properties.

The Metrics

The last step would be to grab hold of a measuring tape and map out the dimensions of your project. Knowing these numbers will further assist the process and make decision making easier. Mobile concrete pouring is priced by the amount used, therefore, having these metrics ahead of time will give you a rough idea regarding cost. The best part, with Redimix concrete you pay for what you use, therefore saving you money.

As the saying goes, help us help you! If you know the purpose, design, and metrics, great! If not, SMR is ready and equipped with a full team of professionals that will guide you towards your project goals. Knowing these three key points before ordering Redimix can help you feel more at peace with the decision to incorporate concrete additions.