A yard space truly comes to life when color, texture, and dimension are added within the landscape design. Any addition with different height variations or depth will elevate the overall experience. Multi-leveled concrete patios, wall features, and built-in concrete planters are a few ways to create dimension to any yard space with redimix concrete.

A multi-leveled patio can serve as an aesthetic element as well as a functional component. A redimix concrete multi-leveled patio will offer height variations, depth, and separation for other landscape elements. Therefore, further creating the ambiance of an outdoor living area. The designated sections can help with keeping areas clean as well. For example, suppose you have a pool or hot tub; you want this area separate from an outdoor dining space. You can dine comfortably without having splashes of water on your meal or attire. You will also want to keep spills, breakable dinnerware, or glassware away from the pool for safety. A multi-leveled redimix concrete patio will increase creativity and provide additional space for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

Similar to a multi-leveled patio, a redimix concrete retaining wall or wall features will offer dimension as well as separation for your landscape elements.  The main intention of incorporating a retaining wall is to provide additional support. As mentioned in our previous article, “Three ideas for using poured concrete in the front yard, ” a retaining wall will keep soil in place. Therefore, preventing shifts in surrounding foundations and help prevent soil erosion which can cause an uneven surface. Suppose your landscape does not need a retaining wall, although you like the creative concept of adding a solid wall feature. In that case, a low concrete wall is a perfect solution. A low concrete wall will give the feel of a more intimate setting but is still open and exposed to the rest of the landscape.

Built-in redimix concrete planters will create a visual and interactive element for your landscape. Depending on the size, concrete planters take up a significant amount of space. A common issue with decorative planters that adorn the front yard or backyard landscape is the placement which interferes with other landscaping elements. With a built-in redimix concrete planter, you will be able to creatively place planters off the ground and out of the way. This will create more space while still incorporating plant life, texture, and dimension.  It is essential to understand that other types of decorative planters are fragile. Suppose your region is susceptible to rebellious weather. In that case, your planters will not stand a chance and most definitely won’t last until next summer. Redimix concrete planters are durable, can withstand weather elements, and serve as a protective structure for delicate plant life. A built-in concrete firepit is another fantastic feature to include in your landscape and add dimension.  Suppose a built-in concrete firepit is a bit too permanent for your lifestyle; you may want to consider an elevated concrete pad with a few steps. A redimix concrete pad provides a safe and comfortable space to add a firepit or lounge area.

If you are looking to add dimension and creativity to your landscape, call Stouffville Mobile Redimix today.