At Stouffville Mobile Redimix, we are often approached with various inquiries regarding our redimix mobile supply service and redimix concrete product. Today’s article will highlight the top frequently asked questions of 2021 and corresponding key responses.

Is mobile redimix easy to order?

Yes, placing an order is relatively easy! A mobile redimix order can be submitted online or placed over the phone. At Stouffville Mobile Redimix, we wanted our customers to have a great experience obtaining a quote or placing an order. When you visit the order page on our website, there is no need to sign in or sign up; you will find a user-friendly price calculator. All you will need is the details of your project, for example, project type, measurement, and the concrete mix.

When you enter the details, the price calculator will allow you to select the type of concrete mix that suits your project and view the common usage. You can also get a quote without leaving the site!

The staff at Stouffville Mobile Redimix will be more than happy to assist you.

Is mobile redimix durable?

Yes, mobile redimix is durable and versatile! Mobile redimix concrete is custom batched onsite with quality control and precision. Therefore, its strength can be made to meet specific structure requirements and poured to compliment any landscape design. Concrete is naturally resistant to most environmental factors such as heat, humidity and can resist water, especially when treated with a concrete sealer. Its resilient nature makes it the perfect choice for constructing many residential or commercial projects.

What is redimix used for?

Redimix concrete can be used for residential and commercial projects. For example, walkways, pathways, pool infills/concrete pools, hot tub or fire pit pads, terraces, patios, outdoor living spaces, and garage flooring. Redimix concrete can also be applied to the construction of commercial car parks, building foundations, and roadways.

Is mobile redimix more expensive than other traditional concrete delivery methods?

Traditional concrete mixing is manufactured at a facility and transported to the project site. This conventional procedure can potentially run the risk of overproduction of material, therefore costing more than expected. The traditional approach can also run the risk of creating a flawed batch. Thus, wasting time and money to produce a new batch. Computerized onsite concrete mixing will ensure the batch is accurate every time. Onsite concrete pouring allows you to pay for the amount of concrete used to complete your project (as there is no excess waste). Therefore, making mobile redimix concrete exceptionally cost-effective.

Is it too late to implement a concrete addition in the fall?

At Stouffville Mobile Redimix, we believe fall is the perfect time to install a concrete addition. Whether it’s an outdoor living space, pool, hot tub pad, or fire pit pad with accompanying lounge area, fall offers warm sunny days accompanied by a cool breeze. Therefore, ideal for concrete pouring.

When should I replace my garage floor or driveway?

There is no time like the present. Private home garages, driveways, or commercial parking garages are susceptible to wear and tear due to frequent automotive traffic. Commercial parking garages experience the same wear and tear on a much larger scale and should be addressed immediately, as safety is the number one priority.

Is sealant necessary?

Yes, a sealant is necessary. A sealer will help protect against discoloration, mold, corrosion, stains and basic wear and tear, such as scrapes/scratches, spalling. A sealer will help keep the appearance in excellent condition furthering its life expectancy.

Although concrete is durable, are there any chemical solutions to avoid near the surface?

Landscaping fertilizer and de-icing agents can wreak havoc on your concrete surfaces. Any fertilizer that scatters onto the concrete surface should be swept back onto its respected area. Regarding de-icing salt or de-icing solutions, it is best to avoid using heavy amounts. We recommend removing snow and ice as best as possible. When necessary, use a minimal amount of de-icing salt and apply landscaping sand to assist with traction.

Is it recommended to repair or replace damaged concrete?

You need to assess the issue’s severity to make a decision on whether to repair or replace the concrete. Minor issues can be patched up; however, it may not be a long-term solution. A crack or fracture measured at half an inch to inch-wide calls for replacement. A crack less than half-an-inch could be repaired, but it is advisable to keep a close eye on the area as it can worsen over time. Sunken concrete that creates an uneven surface requires a replacement. Any slab leveling required qualifies for a replacement. Aesthetic issues such as crazing, discoloration, minor abrasions, or cracks repairs are your solution. Always have a concrete professional assess the issue and cause when in doubt.

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