“Looks don’t matter; it’s on the inside what counts.” Although this famous sentimental quote is endearing, looks matter when it comes to your home’s front yard. A great first impression is a lasting impression, and the front yard is the first thing your visitors see.  A well-groomed front yard welcomes potential buyers, provides community curb appeal and offers additional space for you to enjoy.  There are three elements you can incorporate using poured concrete. The three elements include retaining walls, walkways, and courtyards.

Retaining walls

Retaining walls are functional and aesthetically pleasing. The functional purpose of retaining walls is to keep soil in place and prevent soil erosion which can cause an uneven surface. A retaining wall will help prevent shifts in surrounding foundations or support slopes throughout your landscape. Incorporating a poured concrete retaining wall will not only elevate the ground but will also elevate the overall aesthetics of your landscape. A trending feature is to use a retaining wall as a decorative accent by adding hanging plants, outdoor lighting, or other outdoor ornaments. The addition of decorative accents to your front yard will enhance the character and show off creativity. You may also choose a retaining wall as a great feature to elevate your garden beds to add texture and charm to your front lawn. Suppose you are thinking of adding a retaining wall to your landscape; it is in your best interest to speak to your local redimix concrete suppliers. They will assist with directing the proper placement for your concrete feature.


Walkways are just as important as a concrete driveway. A poured concrete walkway will add a safe path to your home’s entrance or other entrances you may have. For example, a walkway can be placed surrounding the home and provide a clear path to the backyard or side entrance of the home. Walkways do not have to be plain or boring. With onsite concrete pouring, various design patterns can be executed to add a whimsical feel. Depending on the site of your front yard, certain design patterns are more suitable. Ask our concrete pouring professionals at Stouffville Mobile Redimix to determine your concrete poured walkway’s size, shape, and design.


With onsite concrete pouring, concrete courtyards are the perfect addition to any size home. There are many benefits of having a front lawn courtyard. It can offer a beautiful aesthetic that can help to increase the value of a home. Similar to concrete retaining walls, a courtyard can add character and charm to the front yard.  Another benefit of a courtyard, it can encourage safe social distancing. Due to the current global pandemic, the front lawn has become the new meeting area for safe visiting. Lastly, a concrete courtyard can help take up some lawn space. Therefore, less grass for you to cut during the spring and summer months.

There are many ways to incorporate concrete to enhance your front yard. If you are looking to add some extra space to enjoy the outdoors comfortably, contact Stouffville Mobile Redimix. Our team will assist you, offering the best concrete pouring solutions.