Endless array of building materials to choose from, what makes concrete Redimix a number one choice? A combination of water, cement and aggregates are mixed then poured to create structural landscapes. Industrial, commercial, and residential construction projects have used the versatile material to fashion many things including bridges, roads, buildings, garage flooring, pools, refill of excavated holes and tunnels and much more. Concrete withstands the test of time, its origins beginning in the early 1800’s with its structures lasting 100+ years. Numerous benefits and innovative technology supporting its functionality generation after generation, concrete ranks top choice building material in the industry.

Concrete Redimix is the top choice in building material due to its zero-waste attribute, durability, and versatility.

Cost effective

Material costs are inexpensive; therefore, production cost and any maintenance requirements are substantially on the lower end. Any material left over from deconstruction can be reused and recycled to produce other construction materials. Therefore, saving cost of disposing industrial product. With Stouffville Mobile Redimix concrete system, you will be paying for what you use and contributing to the zero-waste factor as well.


Dependent upon its composition and in relation to its strength, concrete resists fire, humidity and heat therefore does not burn or dehydrate and crumble. It is also resistant to water and does not erode, rust, or decay. Being predominately used as an outdoor material, concrete can withstand environmental factors including wind and the natural shifting nature of the ground below us. Therefore, a lasting lifecycle. Redimix concrete calculator and computerized mobile concrete supply will ensure the accurate mixture for any project requirements.

Easy to work with

Due to its paste-like composition when it is initially produced, concrete can be shaped, molded, and placed in any structural circumstance or area. Making it versatile for many different construction projects. This one material can take part in the construction of both commercial and residential structures, making it an easy choice to use as opposed to costly complicated materials. With onsite concrete mixing it is readily available for pouring to suit your projects development.

Low maintenance

Due to its durability it makes concrete less prone to reconstruction or costly repairs. Redimix is perfectly batched to match its environment and structure therefore fitting within the guideline of its surroundings, promoting lasting lifecycles.

Energy efficient

Providing thermal mass, assists in the regulation of a buildings heating and cooling conditions, therefore saving the customers wallet in future. Onsite, Stouffville Mobile Redimix concrete vehicles help to reduce the amount of pollution by reducing the amount of construction like vehicles to contribute to a project.

Keeping up with the times

Concrete Redimix can adapt to its environment, not in the literal sense. With environmental/sustainability concerns on the rise and technology constantly changing, these developing times in society have encouraged developers to make improvements with production methods.  Concrete will always be concrete; however, hybrid compounds are now being tested and developed.

Concrete has been traditionally used for centuries, making it the number one material of use regardless of the project size or type. Versatility and durability can contribute to many beneficial factors for any project development from start to finish. Redimix concrete can provide efficient delivery and execution of the material.