Concrete pools that are poured with redimix concrete is the perfect addition to your backyard. The summer months ahead have us planning and getting ready to enjoy our outdoor spaces. Why should you incorporate a concrete pool? Concrete pools give the illusion of a vacation-like atmosphere. Your family and friends can enjoy the water feature for exercise/recreation, lounging, and relaxation, therefore improving overall well being. Incorporating a pool into your landscape will enhance the outdoor living experience and is a perfect way to encourage your family to spend time together and allows a fun experience when entertaining guests.

Benefits of having a concrete pool

The top benefits of a concrete pool would be its aesthetic appeal and customizable qualities. Various design options are available. You may choose between linear or freeform. Linear pools have straight edges, while freeform is more natural, appealing, and can be made into any shape. When speaking to a concrete pouring professional, they will help you choose the best design to complement any landscape. Concrete poured pools are suitable for any outdoor space and flexible in the sense that you can customize any size, shape, and depth. Traditional pools made from vinyl or fiberglass are premade therefore are a bit more challenging to fit correctly or find the best shape to suit your yard. Another benefit of owning a concrete pool is its durability, which contributes to its longevity, therefore outliving other traditional pool models. Pet owners gravitate towards concrete pools as the interior can withstand abrasions, making it perfect for pet owners who allow their dogs in the pool. A concrete pool does not have to be plain and straightforward. Additional features can be incorporated, such as tanning ledge, interior steps, or in-pool seating.

Advantages of redimix concrete for your pool

Redimix concrete pouring is the optimal choice when installing a concrete pool. The advantage of using onsite redimix concrete pouring would be that it is cost-effective and environmentally friendly. You only pay for what you use. As the batch is made specifically for your pool project, there is zero-waste from excessive production. Onsite concrete mixing saves on delivery. You will not need to wait for material transportation or endure delays as the product needs to be used right away. With redimix concrete delivery, your pool will be completed within the same day you start the project. Redimix concrete allows you to enjoy your concrete water feature sooner rather than later.

Maintenance and care

Concrete poured pools require love, care, and regular maintenance. The top three maintenance tips recommended would be to brush the interior walls, balance water, and acid washing. Brushing the interior walls removes loose debris, algae, and any bacteria that may potentially collect. Secondly, ensure to maintain water balance, which protects both you and the concrete material. Ask your concrete pouring professionals what the best way to keep perfect water balance is. Lastly, acid washing is recommended if the concrete pool becomes in need of a thorough deep cleaning.

Contact our concrete pouring professionals at Stouffville Mobile Redimix to bring the addition of a concrete pool into your landscape design this summer.