As the winter months plague our region, the thought of warmer months ahead can get us through the chilly weather. Planning your backyard hardscape with a concrete patio is sure to bring you some excitement. Suppose you are looking to upgrade an existing patio or input a brand-new concrete patio, redimix concrete pouring can get the project done! Many trending landscape ideas are circulating on the internet. Any design concept can be easily implemented in a small or large yard space. By planning and ordering redimix concrete ahead of the season, you will beat the summer rush and have a beautiful outdoor space for all to envy.


Trending ideas


Poolside patio


A poolside patio ties together the whole style of your yard. You can turn an ordinary backyard with a pool into your own personal resort. After all, getting out of the pool and lounging in the sun is what summer is all about. There are many benefits to having a poolside patio. It is a perfect area to create a relaxing environment for yourself or a fantastic place to entertain guests. A poolside patio also helps keep grass and other backyard debris from sticking to your feet and getting washed in the pool. Worried about a slippery surface, ask your concrete pouring professionals for a textured concrete poolside patio. A light-textured surface can add traction and can prevent a slip and fall accident.


Concrete lounge pool or dipping pool 


No matter the size, concrete pools can be designed to fit any outdoor space. Lounge pools are tremendous, but dipping pools, also known as plunge pools, have become the new trend. Smaller than an average size pool but more prominent than the size of a hot tub. A dipping pool is more for relaxing and cooling off as opposed to swimming. Regardless of your intentions, having a water feature can add a beautiful element to your concrete patio.


Multi-level patio


Extend your options with the element of a multi-level patio. A high-rise patio area with concrete steps leading to a sunk-in patio space brings a level of depth and dimension. You can utilize a multi-level patio to designate a particular area. For example, the high-rise level can be used as your culinary stations. The lower level can be a designated eating area.


Concrete dining area 


We have heard of outdoor kitchens and bars, but a simple concrete dining area is a great feature to add to your backyard. A concrete dining area can level out the surface to place outdoor furniture and make a comfortable eating space.


When to order


Once you have a concept in mind, it is never too early to speak to your concrete pouring professionals and place an order. Establishing an early order when speaking to an SMR concrete pouring professional allows enough time to make arrangements, adjust or change any ideas to suit your project better. At SMR, we provide quality advice and exceptional service. You will have your backyard summer-ready in no time.