Stouffville Mobile Redimix weighs in on advances in concrete technology, Steve Crompton, national technical director, CEMEX UK Materials brings light to the many different avenues the concrete industry is being propelled to.

Pat from Stouffville Mobile Redimix expresses “with our contribution to the concrete industry for over a decade Stouffville Mobile Redimix has had ample experience and excels in the advances of concrete technology as a lead”.

The new up and coming technologies throughout the industry are bringing efficiency, production, and economical components further than previous industry leaders.

Pat further explains, “advances in technology provides the opportunity to expand, adapt and grow. The benefits are endless.  Our businesses, our value in the marketplace as well as expanding clientele potential has the ability to take our craft to new heights”. Steve Crompton has suggested that there are a few obstacles in the field such as structural safety, empirical knowledge base, market niche and critical mass. It only makes sense to look towards future development regarding innovative advances in technology. Pat agrees and with enthusiasm states “ready mix is the solution to these industry concerns, although enhancements to the different grades of concrete, manufacturing developments and production are huge. Nevertheless, mobile ready mix is an easier solution, the benefits outweigh all the traditional labor enhancements”

The article states that there is an increase of use and demand for ready-mixed concrete. This increase in demand yields consequences for the producer when using the material such as storage, quality control etc. Pat states “with all the advancements there are still issues with cause and effect, further proving that advances in technology does not solve every concern. However, with mobile redimix you have the ability to save on cost (including labor costs), storage, less waste (economically friendly) and ensuring quality control, every time”

The article written by Steve Crompton has provided the information regarding developments made to the concrete industry based out of the UK. Pat optimistically expresses “there is much to learn from other industry standards and innovative technology advancements around the world without a doubt. Mobile Redimix offers the ability to be a global commodity and enhance the concrete industry in all corners of the world”.