When we are in the presence of any landscape design, we often overlook the foundation as we admire the structures above. Fences, pergolas, decks, and patios require concrete footings to support and maintain the structures. Concrete footings are best implemented by a concrete pouring professional. At Stouffville Mobile Redimix, our experienced team can evaluate soil composition or bearing capacity and determine the correct placement and measurements.

There are various types of concrete footings. The application is dependent on the kind of structure, soil conditions, and depth. Concrete footings can be a DIY project; however, this is not advisable. The purpose of a concrete footing is to support weight-bearing structures and provide a safe and sturdy foundation. Therefore, always consult a concrete pouring professional as they have the proper tools, equipment, and skill set. At Stouffville Mobile Redimix, we deliver concrete directly to your outdoor project. The concrete mixed on-site is made for your unique and specific needs.

Gazebos and pergolas are the perfect solutions to add shade and create a comfortable outdoor space to lounge or dine. In order for the structure to rest on a level surface while maintaining stability, a redimix concrete base or concrete footing must be in place. A concrete base or concrete footing is a permanent solution. Therefore, before making plans on the future landscape of your yard, it always best to ask a concrete pouring professional for their expertise and opinion when deciding on placement for your gazebo or pergola.

Similar to gazebos and pergolas, patios and decks require redimix concrete footings as well. A deck needs to support a significant amount of weight over a wide area. Concrete footings will prevent the deck from settling and increase safety measures so that you can enjoy the outdoors comfortably. Footings may also help prevent damage from the weather’s natural elements. We know outdoor structures are exposed to heat, wind, water, snow, and ice. Therefore, it is essential to create space for water to flow and navigate away from the deck itself; concrete footings will encourage proper drainage.

Installing fence posts also requires redimix concrete for stability. Concrete footings are essential in regards to safety for you and your neighbours. Choosing other footing methods such as crushed gravel, stone, or compacted dirt will create a much larger issue. Water has the ability to collect around the base of the posts from regular yard maintenance and weather elements such as rain or snow. If the water does not drain properly, it will collect and pool around the base of the posts. The pool of water will rot wooden fence posts or soften the ground, resulting in an unstable metal fence. At Stouffville Mobile Redimix, our concrete pouring team has extensive experience regarding concrete footings and will advise the best solution for your fence and posts.

On-site mobile redimix concrete delivery is the optimal choice when installing concrete footings. At Stouffville Mobile Redimix, we guarantee quality concrete and on-time delivery. The concrete batch will be mixed accordingly, and our concrete pouring professionals will ensure proper placement. Our team has extensive experience in creating a landscape that encompasses functionality and aesthetics. You and your family can enjoy your outdoor space comfortably and safely.