Outdoor structures can come in different forms, shapes, sizes, and styles; however, they all have one thing in common. They should have a strong foundation to hold them in place. A concrete foundation is the most common choice. A solid foundation of good depth is used for most outdoor installations. Shallow concrete footings are also used in places where a deep foundation is not possible. 

Irrespective of the depth, concrete is used for the foundation of all types of outdoor structures due to its durability, versatility, and long lifecycle. It is essential to note that concrete can also withstand various weather conditions.  

Footings are essential when it comes to the foundation. Made from concrete and rebar reinforcement, these are key to preventing settling and are especially useful in soft soil. 

Gazebos, pergolas, and many other outdoor structures can be made more robust with the help of concrete pads and concrete footings within the foundation. Besides these ornate structures, redimix concrete material is also useful for installing a fence post. Once you have decided on the outdoor structure and design you want, you can make your garden or backyard look incredible with a strong foundation laid.  


Gazebos are among the most popular options for homeowners looking to add to the outdoor aesthetics of their homes. Gazebos come in all shapes and sizes. Here are some of the benefits of choosing them as your primary outdoor structure.  

  1. Most gazebo designs are practical and are easy to clean and maintain. Given the many choices in materials for roofing and aesthetics, customization is possible.  
  1. Gazebos provide a sheltered outdoor seating space that can be accessed all year round.  
  1. These are stable structures that can be installed and dismantled as and when required.  

The poles of the gazebo are the core of the structure and maintain its integrity. A concrete foundation is one of the most reliable choices for people looking to install an all-weather gazebo. With redimix concrete, your gazebo will be up and ready for use. For quicker installations, concrete pads can also be used. 

Pergolas and other structures  

The benefit of pergolas, pavilions, and other structures is that they are easy to install and suitable for different terrain types. Stable footings for these structures can also be directly installed without having to dig deep holes for support poles. The stability of the concrete footing helps make these structures sturdy and prevents settling.  

Adding to the stability of these structures   

Concrete footing can be installed with a traditional foundation. A concrete pouring professional will determine the density of the soil, the depth, and the footing placement. Although these are wide structures, redimix concrete footings or pads can be conveniently used for most lightweight outdoor installations. 

Whichever outdoor structure you choose, make sure that you go with something that is durable and reliable for the foundation, such as concrete. Redimix concrete footings and redimix concrete foundation pads ensure that you have a sturdy outdoor structure that stays in perfect condition for years to come. Contact Stouffville Mobile Redimix today for all your concrete pouring needs.