Property owners, or landlords, across North York, are consistently looking for budget-friendly ways to spruce up their rental properties. Many property owners may shy away from renovating their rental property for the reason that it is costly, and they can not be bothered with the process. However, as a landlord, you want to make your tenants feel “right at home,” comfortable, and safe. Of course, you can do many mini renovations on the inside, such as a fresh coat of paint or new fixtures. When it comes to the exterior, redimix concrete is the perfect solution. With redimix concrete, expect on-time delivery, same-day project completion, and only paying for the amount of concrete used! We at Stouffville Mobile Redimix provide onsite concrete pouring in North York.


Garage flooring


The garage may not be a priority; however, there are two ways can make this space renter-friendly. You may choose to offer your tenants space to park their car safely. Or you can turn the garage into an additional storage space. Many renters will always be appreciative of extra storage space, therefore making your property stand out amongst the others. Whichever way you choose to utilize the garage area, a new redimix concrete floor will create a clean, safe and fresh space.  


Driveways, walkways, and steps 


Driveways are subject to overuse and damage. A driveway is exposed to the weather elements all year long, foot traffic, and must endure the pressure of various vehicles. Therefore, driveways are known to have a few cracks here and there. You may think a few small cracks aren’t worth fixing. However, as the weather changes and as the ground shifts, those cracks begin to separate. The gaps and separation may cause a renter or visitor to trip and fall. These types of incidents can be easily avoided with a new redimix concrete driveway. A redimix concrete driveway will offer your renters a smooth and level surface to safely navigate to and from their vehicle.


Don’t forget! A fresh driveway can also help increase the value of your property in North York. 

Also, similar to a clean garage space, a new driveway will offer curb appeal attracting potential renters.


Walkways and steps are also exposed to harsh weather, heavy foot traffic and are known to move out of the original placement. Any unevenness or corrosion may cause safety issues, therefore, must be replaced.    


Creating privacy with concrete pads 


For rental properties with two or more residents in North York, a common issue many renters face is that they must share the backyard space. Both residents may be friendly with each other; however, it is nice to have some privacy. Therefore, depending on the yard size, it may be beneficial to create some differentiation. Concrete pads can be poured, allowing the tenant to enjoy their designated area. Another option is to have multiple redimix concrete pads, assigning each pad for a different outdoor activity. For example, one pad can be used for barbequing, the second can be used as an outdoor dining space, and the third pad can be for lounging. That way, one tenant can cook their meal while the other is lounging, and both parties do not have to interact or interfere with the other. Both options may help a renter feel more comfortable and free to enjoy the property.    


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