Landscaping is a beloved pastime and gardening has always been a fulfilling hobby which presents therapeutic properties and let’s not forget, great for all ages. Encouraging the youth to stay screen free for a few hours with outdoor activities such as gardening is perfect and fun for the whole family. With the busy 9-5 rat race and family life interactions, many individuals do not have the time or patients to focus on the exterior part of the home. Landscaping is made easy with the versatility of Redimix concrete. The concrete architectural additions can help create a modern yet serene ambience while improving garden decorum, allowing you to fully enjoy the outdoors.


Built in concrete planters, raised garden beds, steppingstones, and pathways. Endless opportunities to design a clean and modern garden. Concrete planters or raised garden beds will help keep wildlife from eating up your garden plants and vegetable garden.  Concrete planters also prevent the use of harsh chemicals which are used to deter animals and pests. One of the main benefits of a raised garden bed includes the relief of pressure on the body. No need for being hunched over for long periods of time or exerting pressure on your joints from being on the ground. A raised garden bed is a perfect way to elevate the look of your yard. Pathways, steppingstones, and walkways can also clean up the appearance of any yard but also provide a safe way from getting to and from different area points. Uneven ground pose threat of accidental trips and falls, so let SMR help pave the way for you.


Wooden planks, sanding, cutting, and staining, at one point in time, wooden decks were the highlight of someone’s backyard. However, with the cost of lumber, annual upkeep, and time/effort it takes to build, the spotlight is shining on concrete. Concrete patios are trending and in demand due to its low maintenance up-keep and design options. Its versatility allows for creative design to suit any size yard, the durability and low price point are making wooden decks a thing of the past. The best part about Redimix, there is no mess and the jobs complete the same day so you can start enjoying your yard.

Curb Appeal

In a suburban area, curb appeal is not only representing the pride you take in your home but the aesthetic of the neighbourhood and community.  Looks are not everything but looks say a lot. Based on appearance, a subdivision can either invite or deter potential residencies. A polished driveway, architectural enhancements such as veranda/porch, a front terrace or new staircase can dramatically upgrade the look of your home. A well-groomed front yard will also create an inviting feel to potential buyers if you plan on selling your home.

Incorporate concrete architectural additions and improve the quality of your property. The most cost affective and easy option to consider is onsite concrete pouring. SMR is the number one choice for mobile concrete supply. With fast and easy delivery, you will have your yard landscaped and garden ready in no time.