Today’s article will highlight the top most effective tips to keep your redimix concrete addition looking as good as new. Some things can last forever! As long as you take proper care and show your redimix concrete some love.  

Have you ever noticed a small spill on your redimix concrete addition and walked away thinking it’ll just disappear? When it comes to spills, food, or otherwise, it should be taken care of immediately. Harsh chemicals or agents such as gasoline, grease, or oil can leave unforgivable stains if left for too long. Most sealers will provide a protective barrier; however, strong chemicals, when ignored, can penetrate the sealant and cause staining. A pressure washer, mild detergent, or stain removal solution can get the job done.  

It is easy to apply a generous amount of ice melt during the winter season. However, de-icing agents or ice melt can damage the concrete surface. The product itself is not the aggressor. The freeze and thaw cycle causes moisture to seep through the concrete pores. Once water gets in and freezes into ice, the pressure from expanding will cause concrete to crack or deteriorate. In order to protect your redimix concrete, it is best to remove heavy objects at the beginning of the season. Décor and outdoor furnishing can be knocked over by high winds or heavy snowfall and may damage the concrete surface. Having a clear landscape will make for easy snow removal. Try your best to remove a good majority of the snow or ice. Apply a combination of de-icing salt and sand. Always ask your concrete pouring professionals which snow removal methods are best for your concrete addition when in doubt.  

Any area with high traffic can be protected with an outdoor mat and a quality sealer. It is essential to take note that not all sealers are made equally. The main categories of sealers are topical and penetrating. Topical sealers protect from damaging chemicals and stains. Penetrating sealers are more reactive, seeping through the pores and reacting below the concrete surface. A sealer will help protect against discoloration, mold, corrosion, stains and basic wear and tear, such as scrapes/scratches, spalling. Therefore, it will maintain the appearance and keep your redimix concrete in excellent condition, furthering its life expectancy.  

Ensuring proper water drainage may not seem like a concrete tip; however, it is crucial for any landscape design. Sitting water can cause stains and eventually mold. A pool of stagnant water can also host a breeding ground for unwanted insects, including mosquitos. When speaking to your redimix concrete professional, be sure to ask how you can incorporate concrete to level out sloped or sinking landscapes. And discuss any potential concern when it comes to pockets of accumulated water due to improper drainage.   

Any redimix concrete addition requires a bit of maintenance. However, areas that are used often may need more attention. For example, a driveway, pathway, or garage will need attention as it is a high-traffic area. Patios, garden pathways, or courtyards may not experience the same amount of traffic. It is best to know the signs of distress. A crack or fracture that is measured at half an inch to inch wide. Any gap measured at less than half-an-inch does not require immediate attention; however, it is best to watch its progression. Other signs of distress may include spalling, settlement, crazing, discoloration, and minor abrasions. If you notice any of these signs of distress, contact your concrete pouring professionals to replace or repair the area.  

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