Many contributing factors influence the value of a home and property. Location, market, the economic condition can test the fluctuation of value. Luckily, there are many things you can do to enhance the appeal of your home and upgrade to assist with the value margin. Mobile Redimix concrete can provide trouble-free and mess-free assistance along the way by elevating certain features.


We all heard the saying, “more bang for your buck.” Any addition contributes to the value of a property. A great way to add a concrete landscaped feature is to give the illusion of extended square footage. Concrete outdoor living spaces show the potential buyer that there is more space to enjoy or entertain guests. The value of any property is calculated by square footage, therefore offer your buyers no waste of space. Patio, terrace, fire features, or water pieces (pool, pond, waterfall, etc.) can bring new elements and invite the buyer to imagine living and enjoy the tranquil oasis you have designed and created with Redimix concrete. 


You can not show buyers the backyard without luring them through the front. Curb appeal is like an invitation to the party. You want the front yard to speak character, charm, and comfort, allowing the buyer to accept that invitation. Highlighting a well-manicured lawn with retaining walls, raised garden beds to accentuate every curve and angle of the home, fresh driveway, or walkway that leads into a front yard terrace. Giving the appearance of a move-in ready vibe will secure the buyer and eliminate any doubt of spending money later. Curb appeal promotes the value of your neighborhood; the property is just as important as the area it is placed. Just think, with your neighborhood, the more populated, the better support for your community and surrounding businesses.


Pool additions are also great selling points, especially for young families. Keep in mind when you have a pool that is a selling feature, it must be well maintained. Any home buyer does not want to see something they have to repair or fix-up. According to Dave Ramsey, a well-known financial specialist, adding a pool can increase property value between 5-10%. As previously mentioned, any addition helps to increase the value of your property. There are many different styles of pools that can fit any size yard. Plunge pools are great for athletes and have therapeutic benefits. Cocktail pools are becoming very popular, mostly used for lounging, great for smaller yard space. Size and shape can be customized with onsite concrete pouring. Concrete is used as the foundation for durability and stability.


Mobile Concrete Redimix solutions can be your sales advantages when showcasing your home. Using Redimix concrete solutions allows you to spend more time enjoying your loved ones rather than planning renovations. Let mobile concrete come to you and increase the value of your home.