The past few years have allowed many individuals to own their craft and turn it into something marketable and profitable. The top four at-home businesses that were trending and continue to flourish are fitness coaching, catering, gardening, and at-home storage-based businesses. Today’s article will highlight how mobile redimix concrete can provide a durable foundation, create space, and support entrepreneurs in those industries.

Fitness and wellness coaches

Now more than ever, people are getting back to wellness. Whether it’s making adjustments to their lifestyle or diet, the idea of joining a workout program is making a huge comeback. If you are a sports coach, personal trainer, or yoga instructor, you will benefit from having a poured concrete pad. You can choose to do private coaching lessons or training outdoors. Suppose you don’t feel comfortable bringing clients near your home space. In that case, many fitness enthusiasts make a profit by streaming live or uploading their workout sessions online. Installing a redimix concrete pad will help create a professional ambience, aesthetic and create a level surface to exercise safely.

Culinary arts

Catering and baking from home have allowed many individuals to turn their passion for the culinary arts into a profitable business. As long as you have the license, permit, and insurance according to your regional business requirements, all you need is the space. Additional space will make preparing, cooking, and cleaning up much more manageable. Over the past few years, outdoor concrete kitchens have become increasingly popular. The possibilities are endless as mobile concrete and onsite concrete pouring are versatile and custom-made to suit your needs and landscape. You can choose to have a simple setup, including a concrete island, sink, and grill. Or an elegant luxury-style kitchen full of culinary amenities right in the comfort of your backyard. Mobile redimix concrete is humidity, heat, and fire-resistant. It is also resistant to water, and therefore, cannot rust or decay, perfect for hosting multiple cooking stations. Whether you choose to keep your catering business small or are looking to upscale, a redimix concrete foundation to support an outdoor kitchen is the way to go.

Gardening enthusiasts

Those who have large yard spaces, land, or own a small farm have begun to sell fresh produce to local customers from the comfort of their property. Therefore, we recommend incorporating redimix concrete paths, walkways, or steps for gardening enthusiasts. Whether you use it for small or large areas in your garden, concrete pathways or steps are essential to navigate your landscape safely. Concrete steps are an excellent solution for those with natural slopes and want to create a safe way to reach difficult areas. Paths or steps add dimensions, texture, and area separation to an ordinary landscape design. You may also choose to implement concrete raised garden beds. A raised garden bed is perfect for vegetable gardens. Many gardeners have issues with wild animals. Therefore, a raised redimix concrete garden bed will help keep your fresh produce and plant life safe to prevent wildlife from ruining your garden. Suppose you want to create an area where your customers can easily purchase your product. In that case, a poured redimix concrete slab is a great addition.

Creating a small storage facility

Lastly, this idea may be considered “out of the box thinking”; however, many homeowners have turned their sheds, garages, and driveways into a profitable side hustle. Some individuals do not have the luxury of storing bulky items. Whether they live in an apartment or do not have the space at home to keep an extra vehicle, equipment, or seasonal items, someone is always looking for additional storage. It may not make you rich, but you can definitely make a good chunk of change. Upgrading your shed pad, driveway, or garage floor with redimix concrete will offer a clean, polished storage space. In the long run, these upgrades can also help increase the value of your home. It is a win-win situation!

Mobile redimix is mixed and delivered onsite, making it easy to implement a concrete addition. Cost-effective, versatile, and durable are a few other mentionable benefits. If you are looking to start or expand your at-home business, contact Stouffville Mobile Redimix today for all your concrete pouring needs.