Many private, municipal, and commercial sectors rely on concrete for a multitude of infrastructures. Redimix concrete ensures the concrete batch, admixtures, placement, and finishing’s are accurately executed and tailored to suit any project. The four top commercial uses for redimix concrete include but are not limited to curbs, sidewalks, concrete road base, and unshrinkable fill. At Stouffville Mobile Redimix, we take pride in facilitating the extraordinary execution of any concrete infrastructure.


Roadside curbs are constructed similarly to concrete roadways. These structures’ construction consists of sub-grade, alignment forms, concrete pouring, jointing, and curing. Stouffville Mobile Redimix uses a computerized mobile system. The raw materials are monitored and programmed on-site to mix and produce consistent quality assurance. Repair, replacement, or installation can be performed by redimix concrete pouring.


Commercial sidewalks provide a safe space for busy pedestrians to commute to and from their destination. A quality commercial sidewalk should maintain a few essential attributes. A sidewalk can experience heavy wear and tear due to heavy traffic flow, surrounding environment, and weather conditions. Safety is the number one priority. Uneven, corroding, and cracked concrete can cause pedestrians to trip and fall, causing potential injury. The appearance comes second, depending on the location. Certain individual districts want to maintain presence or value. Whether it is replacing or installing new sidewalks, redimix concrete pouring is the best solution. To sustain functionality using Redimix concrete can have sidewalks serving pedestrians comfortably in a short amount of time.

Concrete road base

A concrete road base is quite important. A concrete surface such as commercial roadways, highways, and parking lots must withstand a substantial amount of weight. A stable foundation is required to endure any weight. Aggregate material is used to create a barrier between the concrete pour mix and the soil lying beneath. This barrier provides structure and stability. Therefore, preventing soil displacement, bending, cracking, and sinking concrete. A concrete road base is an optimal choice for many construction projects due to its longevity and durability. With Redimix concrete pouring, you can be sure that a solid foundation will be placed with accuracy and time. Therefore, creating quality commercial road work and reducing traffic due to construction makes redimix concrete the first choice.

Unshrinkable fill

Fluid-like concrete material is used to fill utility trenches. Due to its liquid nature, the unshrinkable fill is able to consume a space fairly quickly. There are objects such as utility pipes that need to be covered and secured. Redimix concrete can produce a variety of concrete consistencies on-site. Therefore, there is no product waste or time wasted with manufacturing or the transportation of the unshrinkable fill.

Commercial projects require attention to detail. It is in your best interest to contact the best in the concrete pouring industry. At Stouffville Mobile Redimix, we provide professional concrete pouring services to private, municipal, and commercial sectors. You will experience accuracy, a cost-effective solution, quality control, and customized service. Contact us today to discuss your concrete projects.