A lush green lawn is not for everyone. As time passes, more and more households are leaning towards the “no grass” trend in North York. At one point in time, having a manicured lawn used to be the envy of any neighbor. There was a time where homeowners would take such pride in maintaining their landscape and would love to show off their lush green lawn. Of course, many do still enjoy maintaining their property. However, times have changed. Hardscaping and concrete additions have made their mark on many homes and continue to be the number one choice in landscape design.

How and why is the “no grass trend” so popular? 

There are a few reasons why the “no grass” trend has become so popular amongst the homeowners of North York. Many individuals do not have the time, capability, or energy to maintain their landscape and look for other ways to enjoy their yard space. Concrete pools, redimix concrete patios, and outdoor living spaces are three popular landscape additions that will naturally take up lawn space. Along with having no time or energy, the current global pandemic has encouraged the “no grass” trend in North York. The obvious reason being a majority of the population is home! Especially those with young families, homeowners are embracing their creativity and expanding their hobbies. They want to enjoy every square footage of their home. Therefore, they need the space to do so.  

No green thumb? No problem!

There are many benefits of having a predominantly concrete yard. Suppose you lack the skills or lack the desire to have a green thumb, not to worry. With the “no grass” trend in North York, landscape maintenance will be dramatically reduced. You will no longer have to wake up early or make plans on when to cut the grass. In addition, you won’t have to be concerned about leaving the water on often and for an extended amount of time. Especially during the summer months, the yard requires a significant amount of water to establish healthy roots. You will cover enough ground by choosing one or multiple concrete additions; the options are endless. 

A redimix concrete patio, concrete outdoor living space, or creative concrete addition, will help you save money on your monthly water bill.

Wellness benefits

 A lush green lawn is appealing. Although for those who suffer from seasonal allergies having a large yard is not so enticing. Replacing your lawn with redimix concrete additions may help bring balance and allow you to enjoy the outdoors comfortably. Concrete additions or a completely concrete poured yard space is also beneficial for the elderly. A healthy lawn requires a lot of physical work, and hiring landscapers could potentially be costly. Depending on their health and capabilities, a concrete poured yard space may assist them in navigating safely around their home and may provide a stress-free landscape. At Stouffville Mobile Redimix, our concrete pouring professionals will help design and offer redimix concrete delivery so that everyone can enjoy the “no grass” trend.


Get creative with your yard space and ask our concrete pouring professionals at Stouffville Mobile Redimix to design your “no grass” landscape in North York.