Stouffville Mobile Redimix weighs in on five creative ways to incorporate concrete in your home garden. The article presented by Dakota Murphey shares the versatility of the worlds most used material. Each garden is unique and may have its own characteristics. Concrete can be the perfect addition when creating your landscape design.  (Source: Primrose blog, written by Dakota Murphey, February 7, 2018,

Number one on the list is incorporating a concrete patio. Dakota Murphey mentions the relaxing benefits of a concrete patio and highlights the low maintenance benefit as well. Pat from Stouffville Mobile Redimix agrees, “concrete patios are easy to maintain and a great way to encourage spending time outdoors. With redimix concrete, the creative options are endless. You can design a concrete patio to suit any landscape. Many think you need to have a large space to incorporate landscaping features such as a concrete patio. However, this is not true. With redimix concrete, you can choose the size and shape that is most suitable for your yard space. A concrete patio is a perfect solution for dining or lounging outdoors comfortably.”

Concrete paths and steps are number two on the list. Dakota mentions, “Whether you use it for small or large areas in your garden, concrete can be altered to produce many different aesthetic effects.” Pat says, “concrete paths or steps are important to navigate safely through your yard and home surroundings. Concrete steps are a great solution for those who have natural slopes and want to create a safe way to enjoy all areas of the yard space.  As for aesthetics, paths or steps add amazing dimensions, texture and area separation to an ordinary landscape design”.

Concrete planters are listed at number three. Dakota suggests positioning planters to line the edge of a patio or freestanding to add interest and creativity. Pat mentions, “concrete planters are great for décor. You may also choose to implement concrete raised garden beds. A raised garden bed is perfect for vegetable gardens, especially for those who have pets that like to dig and run around. Many gardeners have issues with wild animals as well. To prevent wildlife from ruining plants and gardens, a raised garden bed will help keep your fresh produce and plant life safe.  With redimix concrete, you can play around with design options that suit your personality and match the home’s characteristics. Garden beds or planters do not have to be plain and square.”

Concrete furniture is second last on the list. Dakota mentions dining tables, chairs and benches can decorate your outdoor dining and lounging area. Dakota also highlights the benefit of not storing the concrete furniture as it is resilient and can withstand various weather elements. Pat agrees, “concrete furniture is definitely a statement piece. Many individuals are choosing the hardscape landscape design, and it has become a trend. As the article mentions, concrete is durable and will last for many years. My suggestion would be to spend some time design your furniture and make sure you are set and happy with your decision. Concrete furniture is not easy to move or change in comparison to patio furniture”.

Water features and fire pits are last on the list. Dakota brings our attention to the safety benefits concrete provides for water and fire features. Pat says, “water features are incredibly therapeutic and can turn any yard space into a luxurious experience. Redimix concrete pools are fantastic for the whole family. Concrete plunge pools are also becoming a trend for those with smaller yard space, and their purpose is more for lounging and relaxation. As for fire features, a concrete fire pit is excellent and can be enjoyed all year round. My suggestion would be to incorporate a concrete poured pad. A concrete pad will provide a leveled and safe surface to place your firepit and accompanying lounge furniture”.


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