Stouffville Mobile Redimix weighs in on the nine creative ways to makeover any concrete patio.  (Source:, written by Elisa, )

Remodeling, makeovers, and flipping small or large spaces have gained popularity in the most recent years. Elisa’s article promotes the artistic, creative, and decorative ideas you can include to enhance your concrete patio. The ideas mentioned are simple and easy to integrate, depending on your artistic flair and budget.

Painting patterns on your concrete patio are first on the list. Painting allows you to add colour and genuinely showcase your creative side. Pat from Stouffville Mobile Redimix shares, “concrete does not have to appear boring. The versatility is one of its major benefits. You most definitely can add colour to match the design scheme by painting the surface a solid colour. If you want to incorporate some creativity, add patterns or stenciled details. Painting a concrete patio can be done by a professional, or you can roll up your sleeves and “DIY” it. Painting concrete is an easy way to add a pop of colour to the overall ambiance of your outdoor space. It is also a simple fix if you decide to change the style next patio season”.

Laying deck flooring is second on Elisa’s list. Installation is simple and can make your outdoor space cozy. However, it would require consistent and proper maintenance. Pat expresses, ” laying deck flooring will bring a sense of warmth to your concrete space. However, you may want to consider your region’s weather patterns before laying deck flooring. The climate and weather elements may affect longevity.  Consult a landscaping professional or ask other homeowners who have implemented deck flooring over concrete. Other homeowners will have first-hand experience and can offer their advice. Gather as much information as possible before you go forward with the installation”.

Adding curves with pavers or retaining walls can add a whimsical atmosphere. However, you may want to consider the downside of including pavers. Pat shares, “Concrete pavers are not necessary if you are looking to create some visual elements such as curvatures. Concrete pavers are not completely secure and will move as the ground beneath shifts. Therefore, you risk having to remove and replace individual pieces. Keep in mind; deep tree roots have a tendency to push through the surface, and weeds will find their way through the gaps. The inconvenience and interference can potentially ruin the overall appearance and shape of the landscape. A solid concrete poured surface will last much longer in this regard. With redimix concrete, we can easily create curves and wall features to create dimension and texture”.

Elisa includes outdoor carpeting, furniture, tiles, paint, and wall features as a budget-friendly and exciting approach when looking to makeover your concrete patio. Pat agrees, “the creative ideas mentioned in the article are simple yet effective. Adding decorative elements such as outdoor carpeting, hanging chairs, retaining walls, and other landscaping features will enhance your concrete patio. Laying slate tiles or using a concrete stain is another popular way to bring life to grey concrete. As mentioned previously, the beauty of redimix concrete is its versatility. The decorative options are endless. It is up to your creativity to make your yard space come to life”.