Concrete finishes, various materials and redimix concrete, Stouffville Mobile Redimix weighs in on the optimal choice for your pool deck this summer. (Source: Concrete Network, June 2, 2021,


When choosing to accompany your pool with a deck, there are various materials available to choose from. The article expresses the advantages of concrete compared to other pool deck materials, such as concrete vs. a wood deck. The highlights mentioned regarding concrete include slip resistance, heat reflectivity, economically friendly, and flexibility. In addition to these exceptional qualities, you can also achieve many design possibilities with concrete. Pat from Stouffville Mobile Redimix agrees, “when deciding on which type of pool deck is best, you must consider budget, safety, maintenance, and durability. With many years of experience in the redimix concrete industry, I can affirm redimix poured concrete is the optimal choice as it covers all bases”.


The concrete network highlights the many finishing options available for concrete—plain broom-finished concrete, exposed aggregate, imprinted patterns, brick, natural stone, and even wood. Pat shares, “each company has its process. At SMR, once our team has poured the redimix concrete, your contractor may then apply your finish of choice if you desire. Keep in mind, each finish has its pros and cons. We at SMR recommend gathering as much information as possible before considering your final approach to the project”.


Some of the finishes mentioned include stamped and coloured concrete. Pat expresses, “classic, redimix concrete offers a polished look which you can decorate with other landscaping elements.

Although stamped or patterned concrete may be aesthetically pleasing, it does have a couple of significant disadvantages that should be taken into consideration. Stamped concrete is not durable; therefore will not be able to withstand heavy loads and is more susceptible to scratches and cracks. Any patches or repairs are quite difficult. Achieving consistency with the pattern, colour, and batch composition is not easy to execute. Any busy household will need a durable surface, especially around common areas, including the surrounding pool deck, courtyards, patios, and walkways. Coloured concrete may be considered for indoor projects. However, there are some disadvantages to be aware of, for example, colour fading. It is also essential to keep in mind that there is a good chance that the application will come out uneven. An uneven application will ruin the look and style of the overall landscape design. Always ask your contractor before making a final decision.”


The concrete network’s other pool deck options include concrete pavers, brick, tile, wood, and travertine. Pavers, brick, and tile offer an inviting ambience. They have been a popular material for a pool deck for many decades. However, weather elements and the natural shifting of the ground beneath will cause a few issues such as water absorption, spalling, and cracking. For example, wood decks offer a tropical ambiance. There are various types of wood most suitable for a pool deck; however, it may not be a practical choice. Pat agrees, “wood is very absorbent therefore has the ability to rot. As the article mentions, the necessary chemicals and treatments in the water will damage the wood over time”.   


Safety around a pool setting should always be a priority. Therefore, tile is not the best option for a pool deck. The smallest amount of water makes for a slippery surface. In terms of reflectivity, tile and brick do not reflect heat, therefore walking barefoot is out of the question. The surface can get extremely hot. In regards to travertine, although it remains cool during the warm season, it is prone to chipping as it is quite brittle, which can be unsafe and unsightly. Pat expresses, “A solid redimix concrete surface is the safest option and will reflect heat. Redimix concrete is also easy to maintain. Its durability can withstand shifting foundations and harsh weather elements.” 



Although there are many options for pool decks, it is clear that concrete is the optimal choice. Contact Stouffville Mobile Redimix today and adorn your landscape with a redimix concrete pool deck.