Water features such as pools, hot tubs, and ponds bring a sense of tranquility to any outdoor space. When installing these water features, you must consider additional necessary elements to enhance your overall outdoor experience. At Stouffville Mobile Redimix, we believe in order to enjoy the ambience; it is essential to incorporate the following concrete additions; a redimix concrete hot tub pad, concrete pool deck, and concrete seating pad for your pond.

For those with a smaller yard space yet still want to incorporate a water feature, hot tubs are the perfect solution. One of the main advantages of installing a hot tub is that it can be used during any season, day or night. The second advantage of installing a hot tub is its therapeutic benefits. The apparent therapeutic benefit would be assisting with stress relief and promote relaxation. For those who struggle with muscle pain and tension, hot tubs offer a great way to manage these discomforts.  When thinking of bringing a hot tub to the comfort of your backyard, it’s best to map out the placement for the new water feature. It is all about location. You must consider delivery access as well as the foundation. A hot tub holds quite a bit of water, and you must consider the weight of each person as well. Therefore, the foundation must be durable and reliable.  A redimix concrete pad is the number one choice in providing solid structural support.

Accompany your redimix concrete pool with a concrete pool deck!  Traditionally, concrete can be a slippery surface when wet. In any busy household, especially those with young ones running around, safety is the number one priority. When speaking to your redimix concrete pouring professional, let them know about this concern. The concrete can be treated specifically to assist with its surface texture; therefore, a slippery surface will not be an issue. Concrete is known for its versatility regarding design options, its durability, and low maintenance quality. Although these are fantastic benefits when addressing pool decks, these are not the only advantages. The great thing about concrete pool decks is that concrete is naturally reflective. Therefore, the hot summer sun will not affect the temperature of the concrete surface. With a concrete pool deck, you do not have to worry about burning the soles of your feet or walking uncomfortably.

Does your landscape have a natural existing water feature such as a pond, or are you planning on installing a concrete pond?  This type of water feature can serve as an organic swimming pool and relaxation area. Or you can even add some fish to add another lively element to your yard space.  Depending on the acreage, if you live on a larger property with livestock, a pond can also serve as a refreshing area and water source for your animals. Regardless of your reason for installing a pond, it is ideal to have a poured concrete seating pad surrounding the area.  The seating area offers you and your family a comfortable spot to sit, relax and enjoy.

Contact Stouffville Mobile Redimix today; we can assist you in choosing the suitable concrete addition for your water feature.