Concrete floor delivery is no longer strictly meant for outdoor landscaping. Concrete has made its way into the homes of millions and commercial buildings for many years. In a typical suburban home, garage spaces and basements are common areas to host indoor concrete. Now trending, common living areas are being embellished with concrete floorings, such as entranceways and kitchens. The concept of concrete floors sounds cold and unattractive. It is quite the opposite. Concrete floors are versatile, with many design options, and can accommodate elements to make the area feel warm and cozy. There are many concrete flooring benefits, including being easy to maintain, suitable for any budget, and durable. If you have a busy household, concrete flooring may be the perfect fit for your home.


Design and warmth

There are many design options and ways to encourage warmth. Concrete does not have to be the standard grey, uninviting color. A variety of stains or sealers, along with different application methods, can offer a unique look suitable for your home style. Combined with other design elements, the interior design can be significantly enhanced. It is common to think that concrete floors offer a cold feel. However, there are many ways to accomplish warmth. It is essential to understand that concrete has a high thermal mass, meaning it can absorb heat. Therefore, improving the temperature of the environment and can be energy efficient. If additional warmth is needed, some options are the addition of textiles or radiant heating.


Easy to maintain

Concrete floors are exceptionally durable and do not take much to maintain. Scratch, abrasions, or dents are hard to accomplish with concrete flooring. Busy households are prone to messes or spills. The benefit, it can be cleaned with ease using everyday household items. Warm water and soap will do the trick; harsh detergents should be avoided, as it can diminish the sealer’s finish. Some cracking may appear over time and can be easily repaired or can be left on display. Not everyone views concrete cracks as a negative attribute; instead, it is embraced and admired. The separation is sealed, but the appearance is left for everyone to see. Cracks can add a rustic look and gives the flooring some additional character. To further extend the life expectancy of the concrete floors resealing is often recommended. When ordering your concrete floor delivery, ask your concrete pouring professionals to suggest the best maintenance tips specific for your design. 


Long lasting

With correct installment implemented by concrete pouring professionals, your concrete floors will withstand the test of time. Properly sealed and maintained floors can last 80+ years. As previously mentioned, concrete floors are difficult to damage. Pets, bulky furnishings, dress shoes, or heavy foot traffic are all welcomed and not feared. These attributes make concrete floors a fantastic option for those who lease or rent out their basements. You can elevate the design and experience of basement living. Also, as the homeowner or landlord, you will not have to worry about replacing the floors or significant repairs due to concretes durability and longevity. 


Concrete floors are suitable for any budget. With Redimix mobile concrete floor delivery, you only pay for the amount of concrete used. Mobile Redimix can complete your floors within the same day as the concrete process is performed onsite. Ask Stouffville Mobile Redimix if concrete floors are right for you and which area is best to implement concrete flooring in your home.