Stouffville Mobile Redimix weighs in on the top benefits of having a concrete basement. (Source: True information today, Jacob Anderson, March 4, 2021,  

Concrete is often considered an outdoor project; however, concrete can be used for many indoor applications, including basements. Jacob Anderson introduces the numerous advantages of incorporating a concrete basement, highlighting the building material’s longevity, moisture and heat resistant qualities, low maintenance, and customizable benefits.    

 Long-lasting, Jacob Anderson highlights concretes flexibility. The building material can handle fluctuations and compression in temperatures without disrupting its integrity. Pat from Stouffville Mobile Redimix agrees, “there is no doubt that concrete is the most durable material. If it’s strong enough to provide a supportive foundation for buildings or structures, parking garages, and roadways, it is most definitely durable enough for basement flooring. As the article mentions, concrete has the ability to adapt to its environment. Any external influence will not affect its integrity. Therefore, its lifecycle is quite long in comparison to other flooring materials.” 

Moisture and heat resistance. Jacob Anderson brings our attention to a basement’s worst nightmare, mold, and mildew. Jacob expresses that homeowners with a concrete basement foundation won’t have to worry about significant damage due to water/moisture. Jacob also highlights concrete’s ability to resist fire and heat. Therefore, making it a safe option for many homeowners. Pat from Stouffville Mobile Redimix shares, “one of the reasons concrete is used for many indoor renovations and outdoor construction projects is due to its ability to resist moisture. The second reason would be its ability to resist heat and fire. Fluctuating temperatures will have a great deal of influence during the curing process. Once the product is poured, finished, and sealed, homeowners, will not have to worry about mold, mildew, or flood damage. As the article mentions, it is also a safe flooring option in the event of a fire. With the list of benefits, concrete flooring is also a perfect choice for renting out their basements or owning rental properties. Property owners want a tough flooring solution that will handle various tenants and any unforeseen circumstances that will cost a pretty penny to repair. A concrete basement does not offer a warm living arrangement. However, concretes versatility allows you to add other building materials such as laminate flooring.”     

The third benefit listed is the low maintenance qualities concrete possesses. Homeowners can focus on other endeavours once the construction portion is complete as upkeep is minimal. Pat from Stouffville Mobile Redimix agrees, “during the construction and concrete pouring process, it is up to the professionals to complete the project. Once the concrete cures and is sealed, moving forward maintenance is quite simple. A high-powered vacuum will remove any loose debris. A dust mop can be used for an extra measure of light dust removal. Any spills can be cleaned up with some warm water and mild detergent.” 

Lastly, Jacob shares concrete’s ability to be customized to suit any home design. Pat from Stouffville Mobile Redimix agrees, “concrete is a very versatile building material and customizable. It can be used for a large range of applications, poured into various forms, and integrated with many other flooring materials, for example, tiles, hardwood flooring, and, as previously mentioned, laminate flooring. If you are looking to keep concrete exposed, a contractor can also apply various finishes and stains. As long as the foundation has been poured correctly, the possibilities are endless.”   

Jacob also shares a few disadvantages and problems one may face with a concrete poured basement. Pat from Stouffville Mobile Redimix expresses, “the disadvantages and problems outlined in the article hold some truth depending on who is executing the project. For example, suppose it is a DIY job, yes. In that case, there will be expenses, natural light may be an issue, and circumstances may arise. Therefore, without proper training and materials, there will be some difficulties. However, when you hire a professional concrete pouring company, they are highly responsible, prepared, and are familiar with their line of work regardless of the circumstance.” 

Whether you are creating a new build or considering renovations, it is clear that concrete is the optimal choice for basement flooring.