It is finally spring, and it is time to think about redoing our driveways. The cold winter months are now behind us, and we begin to look forward to the warmer months ahead.  Driveways experience wear and tear over the years. As heavy vehicles rest on the surface and are exposed to various weather elements, our driveways are susceptible to damage. A typical driveway can experience cracking, corrosion, or shifts resulting in sinking or sloped levels. Although heavy loads or harsh weather elements are the main reasons a driveway will experience damage, there are many other causes.  Causes can include overgrown tree roots, overuse of de-icing salt, improper installation, and excessive water penetrating the surface. For these reasons, including aesthetic design, many homeowners have chosen to have a concrete poured driveway. With a concrete poured driveway, benefits include design versatility, durability, and it is effortless to maintain.

With onsite concrete pouring, design options are endless. As you work with your concrete pouring professional, they will help you choose a design that includes shape and size that can match your home’s characteristics and charm. Concrete driveways offer beautiful curb appeal, present a much more polished look, and can help increase the value of your home. Therefore, encouraging potential buyers with an updated entrance.

Concrete is the number one most used material in the world due to its durability, integrity, and strength. Think of the many bridges, parking lots or garages, and roads that need to secure many passengers on their commute on a day-to-day basis. Concrete is rigid as opposed to asphalt. Therefore, it can endure much more weight. Suppose you own a boat or RV; a concrete poured driveway can handle the weight and more with ease. Due to its durable superiority, a concrete driveway’s life expectancy and quality will last for many years.

Maintaining and caring for a concrete driveway is quite simple. Any dirt, grime, spills, or stains can be cleaned with a soap and water solution, or you may use a pressure washer.  Concrete sealers are often used to protect the surface from oil, stains, dirt, water, and other debris types. It is best to ask your concrete pouring professional how to maintain your concrete driveway to ensure its quality and beauty continue to thrive for years to come.

Some additional benefits include concrete’s ability to absorb less UV radiation. Therefore, if you like to walk barefoot and do not want to worry about burning your feet on a hot summer day, the concrete will remain cool. The natural feature makes concrete a number one choice for backyard patios and pool decks as well.

This ties into our last benefit. As concrete reflects light, you will not have to install as much outdoor lighting (therefore, saving you money in the long run). The reflective surface will illuminate your home, which can assist as an additional security measure. A well-lit home can deter potential onlookers who do not have the greatest intentions.

Onsite concrete pouring is the best solution for driveway installation. Contact Stouffville Mobile Redimix for your concrete pouring needs.