There is no question that the perfect way to beat the summer heat is with a pool! Although summer is slowly coming to an end, it is not too late to install a concrete pool. Many homeowners choose to implement a pool towards the end of the season for the next following year. Our Canadian summers are short. Therefore, in order to enjoy them to the fullest, installing a pool ahead of schedule will ensure you have a water feature to benefit from, right at the beginning of the warm weather. A pool can be utilized for exercise/recreation, lounging, relaxation, and improving overall well-being. Regardless of how you choose to enjoy your concrete pool or the season you choose to install it, redimix concrete pouring is the optimal choice for pool installation!

Which season is best for pool installation

There is some debate around the best time to install a concrete pool. Homeowners may choose to install a pool as early as spring or late summer/early fall.  However, as you want to beat the summer heat with a concrete pool, you may also want to consider beating the summer rush for the following year! With the staycation trend on the rise, many homeowners want to create their dream backyard as soon as possible. However, in spring, there is a high demand for pool installation and the necessary materials. Therefore, there may be a chance that you will be placed on a waiting list along with the other bookings. Installing a concrete pool during summer will leave you with a short window to enjoy the remainder of the season. Late summer or early fall, concrete pouring professionals and pool installation contractors will have better availability. There is no right or wrong time to plan pool construction. However, choosing late August or early September will allow you a better chance to prepare your booking and plan your backyard landscape.

Using redimix concrete delivery

There are two predominant ways concrete is used in pool construction. Redimix concrete can be poured to create a durable shell/pool infill, or some may choose to create a pool entirely made from poured concrete. With redimix concrete, the batch is made specifically for your pool project onsite. Therefore, there is zero waste from excessive production, saving you money as you only pay for what is poured. Onsite concrete mixing also saves on delivery time. You will not need to wait for material transportation or endure delays as the product needs to be used immediately. Redimix concrete pouring will help to speed up the construction process. At Stouffville Mobile Redimix, we have extensive experience working with concrete material and seamlessly contributing to the installation process. At SMR, our team of concrete pouring professionals operate our highest-performing utility trucks with the latest onboard computerized systems. The designated project requirements are put into the system, resulting in the perfect concrete mixture. Our volumetric concrete mixers ensure accuracy and performance quality every time.

Freeform or linear

With redimix concrete, various design options are available, as the concrete material can be poured into any shape and size. Therefore, customizing the pool structure or foundation to complement the existing landscape will be effortless.

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